LeOsler → Graphic. Handwritten. Outlined.
Foundry: Antipixel type studio ☻ Designer: Julia Martinez Diana

succulent plant

apple−cinnamon pancakes with lemon yogurt topping



хорошая собака


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LeOsler Rough Light
LeOsler Rough Regular
LeOsler Stamp Light
LeOsler Stamp Regular
LeOsler Sharp Light
LeOsler Sharp Regular
LeOsler Rough Inline Regular
LeOsler Rough Border Regular
LeOsler Rough Shadow Light
LeOsler Rough Shadow Regular
LeOsler Sprinkles Regular
LeOsler Sprinkles Regular
LeOsler Icon Rough Light
LeOsler Icon Rough Regular
LeOsler Icon Stamp Light
LeOsler Icon Stamp Regular
About LeOsler
LeOsler is a playful and spirited handwritten font with an illustrative imprint. It has Light and Regular weights and a wide range of graphic styles: Sharp, Rough, Stamp, Inline, Border, Shadow, and the unusual Sprinkles texture, having 12 font styles in total.
  LeOsler has a slightly condensed structure, a large x-height, aired counters, quirky character design, and a glyph coverage that ensures extended language support (Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic scripts are available).
  Most styles have rugged and textured designs, whereas the 'Sharp' fonts have the cleanest outlines of this type family, with perfectly smooth contours and polished intersection of strokes.
  Ideal for display use and meant for large settings. However, LeOsler can be used in smaller point sizes for short sentences, delivering a more delicate look.
  LeOsler has three alternating alphabets that slightly differ from one another. These sequentially alternate to avoid the same letterforms or textures appearing next to each other. The Contextual Alternates feature is available for Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic.
  LeOsler includes a set of 130+ icons consistent with the typeface's visual language. The icons come in textures Rough and Stamp, in weights Light and Regular, and share graphic attributes with the fonts for a perfect match.

Font Styles: 12 + 4 icon styles
Glyph Count: 1793
Supported Languages: Western Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, Vietnamese, Baltic, Turkish, Romanian, Cyrillic, Greek

Type Specimen
Digital type specimen.
Behance project.

Typodarium 2022
IdN Magazine v26n3: Typeface Design Issue (2020)
Typodarium 2019

In the Wild
FontMatters — “LeOsler font or how to experience pure fun”

HiiiTypography 2015 — Merit Award Latin Typeface

LeOsler In Use (+)
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Character Set
glyph count 1793 (only main characters were included in this chart as a reference).