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Fuse V2 Printed

this typeface is a collaboration with W Foundry

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Fuse Vol 2 Printed is an extension to the popular Fuse & Fuse Vol 2 type family.
In this opportunity, for the adaptation of this typeface W Foundry worked alongside Julia Martinez Diana (Antipixel), to create a balanced and consistent texture throughout the whole family.

All the typeface's textures have been meticulously outlined to give a natural look mantaining the soft and round edges, making Fuse Vol 2 Printed more easy-going and spontaneous.
It is perfect for large display usage due to the professional shapes of its outlines, which were hand-crafted glyph by glyph. Each character has its own printed style, which is not repeated in the accented characters, neither in other weights of this family.

Designed with a powerful OpenType features in mind. Each weight includes alternate characters, ligatures, fractions, special numbers, arrows, extended language support, small caps and many more.. Perfectly suited for graphic design and any display / text use. The 32 fonts are part of the larger Fuse super family.

Designer: Salvador Rodríguez, Diego Aravena Silo, Julia Martinez Diana
Design Date: April 2017 - January 2018
Release Date: 16 January, 2018
Publisher: W Foundry
Imagery design: Diego Aravena Silo & Julia Martinez Diana

MyFonts' Hot New Fonts #19 / 20 Jan - 6 Mar 2018.

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Design Cuts The Complete, Quality Font Collection

font in use

These images where not designed or owned by Antipixel, but by third parties, unless otherwise stated. The purpose of these pieces is only for showing the font in use, working in real products or identities.

Fuse Vol.2