Dingos → Sans. Heavy. Outlined.
Foundry: Antipixel type studio ☻ Designer: Julia Martinez Diana

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EST. IN 2012

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Dingos Stamp
Dingos Stamp Outline
Dingos Display
Dingos Display Outline
About Dingos
Dingos is a display typeface specially handcrafted for potent usage. It is compact, solid, and dense, with a heavy-built structure, tight internal space, and a versatile touch.
  Dingos is perfect for large settings due to its precise shapes. The 'Display' and 'Display Outline' styles have sharp and clean paths with angular ink traps, while 'Stamp' and 'Stamp Outline' have round ink traps and irregular, soft, curvy outlines optimized to ensure high-quality contours.
  Stamp textured styles have three sets of alphabets that slightly differ from one another. Thanks to the Contextual Alternates, these alphabets are automatically alternated to avoid repeating the same curvy textures.
  Some of Dingos' features are ligatures, discretionary ligatures, stylistic sets, numerators, fractions for any number combinations, arrows, special decorative characters, and a glyph coverage that ensures extended language support.

Font Styles: 4
Glyph Count: 788 (Stamp), 662 (Display)
Supported Languages: Western Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, Vietnamese, Baltic, Turkish, Romanian

Type Specimen
Digital type specimen.
Behance project.
Behance project: W.I.P.Featured in the Graphic Design Gallery

Typodarium 2022
Yearbook of Type #5 (2021/22)
Support Independent Type—the New Culture of Type Specimens (2020)
IdN Magazine v26n3: Typeface Design Issue (2020)

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Dingos In Use (+)
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Character Set
glyph count 788 (only main characters were included in this chart as a reference).