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River Plate

River Plate Fútbol Interno, Web design.

Due to the use of a responsive layout grid, the site adapts to a wide range of devices, allowing the user to visit the website anytime, anywhere.

The images used refer to football, fields, balls, stadium. The images placed at the home of the web have the purpose of introducing the user to the news. (E.g. in the case of rain, the image will refer to the suspension of the games involved).

The main elements are: thin horizontal lines, arrows, and the color palette. The fonts are Oswald and Lato, in differents weights. The first one is always used in uppercase, for headers, while Lato is used for text, in lowercase and light variables.

Designer: Julia Martínez Diana
Programming & Developement: Julia Martínez Diana & EJRM Studio
Photography: External studio.
Design Date: 2015