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El Periódico

This web platform is designed for young people who are not used to reading the newspaper or the online news. Therefore, its structure is based in the organization, simplification, and conection of news. Taking into account many young people in Argentina don't read the newspaper, the objective of this project is to allow them to know more in a short period of time, and with context of other related articles to make it easier to understand.

The home has a chart with the main sections that is updated in real time, with the latest and more important news. The different of levels of importance is determined by the size of the typography. There's also a "most readed" news, so the user may only read the most important or popular news.

All the sections and news have widgets that lets the user conect different news, current or old, so they can learn fast about what's going on. Some of the main widgets are: Highlighting important words, Summarize news, Timeline in every report to know the context, connect with Similar news, Filters to select only what's important for the readers, among others.

The users of this platform can make a profile, where they are able to save the articles they like, and create folders to catalogue them. The user can also subscribe to any article for updates about that topic, or any character involved.

Designers: Michelle Borgstrom & Julia Martínez Diana
Design Date: 2013

Check the Behance project.

El Periódico